Easy way to restore data from formtted drives

The storage devices that most of the common people use to store data from computers and other gadgets are hard drives. These hard drives come in different storage capacity and there are numerous brands of hard drives that serve as the best storage devices. Most popular ones are Seagate and Western Digital hard drives. The hard drives are of various types just like internal hard drives and external hard drives for computers and laptops. The internal ones will come as inbuilt drives for computer systems. This stores all the program files, user data and holds operating system. Without internal drive a computer system cannot be operated as it houses OS. Whereas external drives are connected externally whenever necessary and easily removed after use. Usually these external drives like western Digital are made use while taking backup of all the data from computer hard disk for safer side.

The hard disk drive that store and fetch important data is a culprit of data loss. Assume that you had given your hard drive containing some important files to your friend and after getting it back you wanted to format the drive since it was connected to his unprotected processor. So that if the drive is virus affected then it could be removed. And before formatting you took back up of all files that are important, but while taking backup there was some interruptions in the connectivity between drive and the system. After formatting the drive successfully you moved all the backup files back to this drive. But you were shocked when you noticed that the files are not opening since they have become corrupt. The reason behind this file corruption is improper way of creating back up of data files. Since the interface between system and hard drive was not complete, the files that you stored on system got corrupt and thus they are not opening now. The files are so important and you are now worried to get back those lost data. There are many such scenarios that lead to severe loss of data. The most common mistakes during formatting the hard drive that leads to data loss can be given as –

  • Accidental formatting: If you are processing any data from hard drive connected to the system and by mistake you clicked on quick format. And without reading the dialogue window with warning you clicked yes. The drive containing your precious data was completely erased and thus you lost data.
  • Storing new data on formatted drive: If you have accidentally formatted any drive then before using any recovery tool to restore the lost data if you use the drive to store new data on it, then it re-writes on the data that will decrease the probability of data recovery. This is because the data on the formatted drive will not be deleted permanently, only access permissions for the files will be lost when you format hard drives.
  • Creating backup: Before formatting you usually create back up of important data files. Instead of saving it to any location if you make short cut of files then you may not able to access those files later.

The reason behind data loss could be anything, but if the drive is not overwritten with new data you can perform formatted hard drive recovery with simple steps using hard drive recovery software. The software easily restores all types of files from formatted hard drives. It is brilliant software for western digital hard drive recovery that can get back the deleted or lost data files and folders. The software completely scans for deleted, lost, and inaccessible files from various types of hard drives and retrieves complete data. You can go through the advantageous features of this recovery software.

  • Retrieves various file types like DOC, TXT, XLS, etc files and folders from formatted hard drives
  • Recovers all corrupted files from virus affected hard drives and storage devices.
  • Retrieves all the media files of all file types like mpeg, jpg, cr2, mp4, mov, mrw, etc.
  • Effectively restores lost data on Western digital hard drive and others.

The software can be easily utilized to recover data that is lost due to hard drive formatting. And it also helpful in recovering lost data from memory cards and various storage devices. This utility is available for various versions of Windows and Mac operating systems. You can download the software to go through the recovery process and if required you can then purchase the complete software.