How to get back lost files from storage media?

Have you accidentally formatted one of your hard drive partitions and later realized that the drive was containing important files? Now are you worried about how to get back lost files from formatted hard drive? If yes, no need to bother much about your lost files as it can be easily recovered by making use of some third party file recovery tool. One such effective file recovery tool is lost file recovery tool which can retrieve files which are lost due to formatting of drives.

Computers/laptops have occupied a unique place in human’s life as most of the works are made easier with the help of these computers. They are the basic need to grow the technology. It uses hard disk for storing data in digital form and allows the user to access whenever the data is required. Files include data or information like pictures, movies, essential official documents, academic project details etc. But losing important data from these devices is becoming a major issue for all the people worldwide.

Following are some of the data loss scenarios which you will find in the future while using these devices.

Common data loss scenarios:

  • Erasing a significant file of large size which failed to get stored in the Recycle Bin.
  • Usage of “Ctrl” key for selecting multiple files for the purpose of deletion and accidentally selecting an essential file along with it leading to loss of important file.
  • Removing a storage device without using safely remove hardware option causes data loss.
  • Virus intrusion on the file corrupts it and does not allow the user to access it resulting in loss of file.
  • Power surge leading to sudden shutdown of the computer when the file is still in use.
  • By mistake deletion of the files by some unauthorized person causes data loss.

If you want to avoid these data loss scenarios you have to follow some protective steps like: system has to be turned off in a proper way, after finishing the work close the application properly, always create a proper backup of vital files, before deleting any file make sure that it is not important.

However, protective steps are meant only for the known reasons. Since there are data loss scenarios which occur suddenly while using the device and remains unknown. For this type of problems skillful developers have designed lost file recovery tool which can effectively retrieve lost files from varieties of electronic devices like computers, laptops, memory cards, external hard drives. This utility can restore more than 300 file formats by using unique file signature search. It contains preview option which allows you to preview the list of recovered files when the recovery session is going on.

The software manual of this lost file recovery tool is simple and contains snapshots, which will help you to use the software with utmost ease.

Try the free version of the software available online and install it on your system. Once the installation process is done run the software by double clicking on the desktop icon. Now choose appropriate recovery options which you come across while using the lost file recovery tool. Once file recovery process is completed you can judge the functionality of the application and if the trial version meets your desired requirement you can get the full version of the software.