How to use Mac hard drive recovery tool to recover Mac data

“Few days before, when I was moving some of my important file from one volume to another on my Mac laptop, laptop turns off in between due to low battery. When I restarted my laptop and check out that whether files are properly moved or not. I get shocked after finding that those file are missing from both the volume. I search those missing files, but so results. How can I overcome from this critical situation?  I need those files, it was my project documents. Somebody please help me!!!”

Above stated situation is very common among Mac users. To solve these kinds of issues, an expert has designed Mac hard drive recovery tool to perform Mac hard disk restoration. First of all let’s have look on some common reasons for file loss Mac hard drive.

Formatting: Unintentionally formatting a wrong volume while formatting unwanted volume is the most common reason for file loss from Mac system hard drive. Sometime in hurry user select a wrong volume and format it. Formatting will remove entire data from that volume.

File system conversion: Upgrading the file system of drive from one to another, is a big reason for file loss from system hard drive. Improper file system conversion process will results in inaccessibility of the drive. At this situation user left with only one option and that is formatting.

Sudden power Failure: Unexpected power failure, in between file transferring operation from Mac system to other storage drive also results in file loss from Mac hard drive. Sometime, due to irregular power supply system terminated without any warning. Sudden turn off leads to hard drive crash and HDD crash forces use to format their system.

Catalog file corruption: Catalog files on Mac are the files which stores info about file hierarchy on Mac volume. Any corruption to this file leads to file loss from mac volume. Catalog file may get corrupt due to many reasons such as abnormal system shutdown, software malfunction, OS crash etc.

How to recover formatted data from Mac hard drive?

Hard drive recovery is one of the extensively used recovery software to perform data recovery from formatted Mac hard drive. How to rescue lost pictures on Mac HDD is the most common question of Mac users. Mac recovery tool is the finest answer to this question. With this application you can recover 300 different file types.

Using this program you can recover data from various storage drives such as flash card, portable card, memory stick, iPod and many more to be add in list. This utility also has the ability to avoid bad sectors. It create disk image of the hard drive and bypasses the bad sectors. Using this advance program it is easy to get back files from formatted disk on Snow Leopard.

Working of the hard drive recovery program

If you want to use this program then first download it on your Mac system and install it. Open the program and follow the guidelines given on the main screen. You will get two options on the main screen one is partition recovery and second one is formatted / reformatted recovery. Select on from them based on data loss situation you had faced. After this, software scans all the internal or external drive connected to system. Select the drive from where information is to be rescued back and go for next button. Select the file type from the screen appears after clicking next button. Select the particular file which you want to retrieved back otherwise or go with the skip button to select the files format by default. Wait till the scanning process completes. As the scanning process overs, the application displays all the recoverable files from the Mac based system. Select the files which you want to retrieved back. Preview the rescued files and to your desired location.

Useful Tips:

  • Do not add new file on your Mac system after data loss.
  • If you hard disk makes a clicking sound, then instantly turn off your computer.
  • Create a backup of system files and store on some reliable data storage source.
  • Use UPS to get rid from abnormal or unexpected system termination.