Know how to recover data from storage device?

Have you accidentally deleted your precious photos from memory card? And then you recognized that you did not take a proper backup of deleted pictures? Memory card recovery tool is the perfect answer for all your questions on how to recover data from storage device?

Let’s have a look on what is memory card?

Memory card is a portable storage device which is used by the people to store their memorable moments in the form of images, videos etc. It also allows the user to store different type of file types like .doc files, .ppt files, music files etc. It is used in different electronic devices like digital camera, video game consoles, laptop, computer, cell phones and many other devices.

Operating system of your computer helps the user to organize their data in proper manner by making smaller logical drives called partitions. Partitions of hard drive can be done easily without any professional help by using Windows disk management tool. If the tool is used improperly to create or shrink the partitions then this may lead you to suffer severe data loss.

Suppose you have a memory card with a data of 4GB containing important documents. You connected the memory card to the computer to view some of the files related to your meeting. While accessing the files you accidentally clicked on “Format” option and later clicked on cancel button. However, formatting process was stopped but when you tried opening the file you were unable to do so. This corrupted your memory card data resulting in inaccessibility of files stored in it. Now you might be tensed and thinking how to recover memory card data? But no need to get annoyed you can easily restore your lost data by using reliable drive recovery tool. This tool is highly reviewed by industry experts specially to recover the data from different secondary storage device.

There are several scenarios which make you suffer loss of important data stored in these drives.

Common data loss scenarios:

  • Damage of file system may also result in data loss. It deletes your file table entry, which makes your data inaccessible.
  • The data can be lost due to malware attack or software conflicts.
  • Files deleted by using unsafe third party application to repartition the hard disk of your computer.
  • Files deleted using Shift + Delete combination keys.
  • Files bypassing recycle bin is another common reason for data loss on Windows based computer. When the Recycle Bin does not have enough free space to hold the deleted file and hence it deletes an old file.
  • Improper shutdown of your computer also causes data loss from the hard drive.
  • Abruptly removing the memory card while transferring files leads to loss of data.

Protective steps to be followed:

Always keep your PC updated with latest version of antivirus software to remove harmful viruses, you should always keep proper backup of your important files, eject your storage device by using safely remove hardware option, you should not use the memory card after data loss to avoid overwriting of data.

After following the above protective steps still if you face any data loss situations then no need to worry you can still recover the data from the device using proficient drive recovery tool which makes data recovery after repartition possible.

This software uses inbuilt scanning algorithm to identify various file types and restore the data from different storage drives. It can recover data from deleted/missing partition, formatted/re-formatted drives. This tool supports data recovery on all versions of Windows operating system such as Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows Vista. It allows you to retrieve files with complete folder hierarchy from formatted hard drive partition. This recovery utility can even restore the data from the memory cards which are affected by any sort of corruptions.

Following are the simple steps to be followed while using drive recovery software.

Go for the trial version of the software downloaded online and do the installation on hard disk of your personal computer. Now run the software and select the appropriate the recovery options which you face while using the drive recovery tool. Once your recovery process is finished you can evaluate the performance of the software and if you are satisfied with the recovery results you can get its full version which is now easily available in the market.