Recover data from Windows hard drive

Hard drives play a very important role in everyone’s life as you save your day to day activity related to business or education in the form of files. It uses rapidly rotating discs coated with magnetic material to store and retrieve digital information. They allow the user to separate their stored information as per their need by dividing the physical hard disk into various multiple sections. These logical drives are knows as partition which can be created easily by making use of Windows disk management tool.

Now-a-days, many regular users of computer around the globe suffer the loss of important data stored on their hard drive.

How to undelete data from the hard drive?

When you delete any data from hard drive of your Windows computer then operating system will only erase the index file and the storage space occupied by the deleted or lost file will be marked as free to add new files. But the deleted data will be still present on the same stored sector until it is overwritten by some new file. The data cannot be accessed without having index file by any computer or device. This file can be successfully retrieved by making use of Windows file recovery software. You can also use this software as hard drive file recovery software to restore hard drive data from all the versions of Windows operating system.

Some of the common data loss scenarios in Windows hard drive:

  • Formatting of hard drive is quite common data loss scenarios where you might lose your data if you have not taken proper backup of data.
  • If the storage device is taken out abruptly while file transfer process or during disk write, then the storage device may corrupt making the data inaccessible leading to data loss.
  • Bad sectors created on hard drive as a result of scratches make the data inaccessible in that region and you may end up losing all your data.
  • When harmful viruses affect the hard disk of your computer they can corrupt the file system making the drive unreadable causing severe data loss.
  • When improper shutdown of your computer happens because of power failure or due to any other reason then there are chances that your file system may get corrupted which will not allow you to access the stored file resulting in loss of data.

It is always recommended to create proper backup of important data and store it in some reliable secondary storage drive. Update the backup copy regularly so that when you face any of these data loss scenarios you can restore your lost data back from the backup copy. But in case you do not have backup of the lost data then don’t worry and use Windows file recovery software to restore deleted or lost data from the hard drive. This recovery utility will perform a deep scan of the drive to identify the file types and restore the data by making use of file attributes.

Simply click here to download the demo version of this file recovery software and install the tool on the hard drive of your Windows PC. Launch the application by double clicking on the desktop icon and then choose appropriate recovery options that you get while working with the software. After you are done with the file recovery process you can evaluate the performance of the software and if you are pleased with the recovery results you can buy the complete software from the internet.